January 13th, 2021
12:00pm - 1:30pm

*This month's meeting is via Microsoft Teams

TOPIC: Employer-built Healthcare
SPEAKERS: Karen Simonton, CPA
Tom Scott, PhD


Why should I attend?

As an employer, you need to have employer built healthcare.  This begins with being self insured and engaging with a stand alone, independent TPA.  Many self insured employers use an ASO model where the carrier (Blues, United, Cigna, Aetna or Humana, commonly known as the BUCAHs) is actually the TPA.  This is NOT employer built healthcare.  The BUCAHs drive care decisions to owned or associated entities (think pharmacy for example) where what is in your best interest is not in the BUCAHs best interest.  In an ASO model, you will have trouble getting your data which is the first step in understanding how to help your employees make cost effective decisions.  Everything starts here.  From there you can begin to navigate employees to better providers and more cost effective care.  Additionally, you can reduce your employees spend.  With employer built healthcare not only do you reduce your costs, you build healthcare that become a recruitment and retention tool because primary care may be paid for in pull (no copay, deductible) AND surgical care can be built into benefit design with NO OUT OF POCKET.

As providers, you need to know how to work directly with employers who have decided to leave the status quo and are counting on your partnership to better serve their employees AND to pay you without the hassles in traditional BUCAH coverage.

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What is a Medical Managers Meeting?

The Medical Managers Meeting is a peer advisory meeting for managers of medical practices (especially for physician-owned practices). This meeting is a resource for continuing education as well as sharing ideas among medical managers. For continuing education, there is a speaker that is typically a subject matter expert in an area in which medical managers would like more information or insight.  The peer advisory portion of the meeting comes through open-table discussion time when participants ask questions and share ideas.

The benefits

  • Network with other managers in your area
  • Gain understanding/knowledge on issues, procedures, vendors and many other topics
  • Speakers can meet managers personally and help them on issues that they are having
  • Develop relationships with medical managers who share the same daily struggles

Previous Speaker Topics

Medicaid (CCC+), VA Premier, Company Culture/Employee Retention, KPIs, HIPAA Compliance, Recruitment, MACRA & MIPS, Medical Scribes, Internal Controls, Charity Care, Cyber Security, and more!

What is ITG's role in this?

ITG is happy to provide the coordination and lunch for this monthly meeting at no charge to anyone as a means of showing our gratitude for allowing us to play a valuable role in the healthcare community.