Speakers: Davis Powell & Anthony Cottone of Byrne Canaan Law

The presentation will be a primer on handling difficult patients and will include information on how to handle difficult patients from a legal perspective, discharging patients, potential pitfalls with patient refund requests/settlements, and strategies for handling Board of Medicine complaints arising from patient satisfaction issues.

Learning Objectives: Despite the best of intentions, some patients will inevitably be dissatisfied with an experience with their health care provider. The goal for these seminars will be to discuss strategies for handling dissatisfied or difficult patients in a manner that is compliant with Virginia’s health care laws and regulations and also minimizes the risks of legal action being filed by the patient. Attendees will learn about the following issues:

  • How to discharge a patient from the practice consistent with Virginia law and the Board of Medicine’s regulations, including how to handle medical records requests from former patients.
  • How to respond when the Department of Health Professions opens an investigation based on a patient’s complaint about a provider.
  • Potential pitfalls in crafting informal settlements such as “patient satisfaction refunds” or waivers of fees and best practices when considering such arrangements.
  • Steps to take upon learning of a potential legal claim or serious medical event that might lead to a legal claim.

When: September 27, 2022 | 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Location: Williamson Road Library | 3837 Williamson Road

Speaker: Anthony Cottone, Byrne Canaan Law 

What is The Medical Advisory Group?

The Medical Advisory Group is a peer advisory meeting for managers of medical practices (especially for physician-owned practices). This meeting is a resource for continuing education as well as sharing ideas among medical managers. For continuing education, there is a speaker that is typically a subject matter expert in an area in which medical managers would like more information or insight.  The peer advisory portion of the meeting comes through open-table discussion time when participants ask questions and share ideas.

The Benefits

  • Network with other managers in your area
  • Gain understanding/knowledge on issues, procedures, vendors and many other topics
  • Speakers can meet managers personally and help them on issues that they are having
  • Develop relationships with practice managers who share the same daily struggles

Previous Speaker Topics

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What is ITG's role in this?
ITG is happy to provide the coordination and lunch for this monthly meeting at no charge to anyone as a means of showing our gratitude for allowing us to play a valuable role in the healthcare community.