Does Your IT Company Have the Right Insurance to Keep You Protected?

Last month, I provided some insights on criminal background checks and the lack of regulation in the IT industry. This month I would like to address everyone's favorite topic - insurance. Ok, just kidding. Most of us don't really love insurance at all; however, it is necessary to offset risk. Specifically, I would ask you to consider whether or not the person or company handling your IT is insured. Do they carry adequate General Liability insurance to cover your losses should their negligence cause harm to you or your employees or damage your property? Do they carry enough Professional Liability insurance in case their negligence were to cause your data to be lost or compromised? Much like criminal background checks, being properly insured is just part of the "cost of doing business. Any legitimate individual or company should be able to provide a Certificate of Insurance for your records. Request that and protect your business!

Paul Meadows,