Phishing Training

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Phishing attacks are the number 1 cyber-attack vector and the biggest vulnerability in these attacks is... human error.

In order to combat this vulnerability, we are willing to offer a $495 phishing training session for FREE for your staff.

Here's what's on the table:

  • Insider Know-How: Understand phishing attempts from the most basic, to the newest and most complex. You will learn to spot phishing red flags like a pro.
  • Team Friendly: Convenient scheduling tailored to your practice and unique needs, in person with the ability to loop your remote staff in via webinar. *If in person training is not feasible, either due to distance or schedule, we will accommodate your training needs via webinar*
  • Lunch On Us: Enjoy a complimentary lunch spread for up to 20 attendees. *Lunch is only provided for in-person training sessions*
  • Compliance Assurance: All participants will receive a certificate of completion, in compliance with: HIPAA: 45 CFR §164.308 (a) (5), NIST: CSF 2.0 PR.AT, HICP: TV1 - CPIO.S.C

Remember, compliance isn't just a checkbox—it's your safeguard against hefty fines, audits and cyber-threats.

Don't let cyber threats call the shots.

Secure your spot today and fortify your organization.

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