Is the constant reinvestment in server hardware and limited access to applications limiting your practice’s ability to grow?  Would you like to have the access to your office technology, but you just aren’t sure how to begin implementing it securely?  For years now, Integrated Technology Group has been helping healthcare businesses harness the power of the Internet.

With Cloud Integration from Integrated Technology Group we can meet the following business needs:

  • Greater access easy to use – With cloud-based applications, we can help your business be more mobile and agile. You’ll have the benefit of having access to your critical business information wherever you are.  We can help your users get access securely and intuitively!
  • Improved business continuity – Other companies can get your data to the cloud, but Integrated Technology Group can also back it up and recover it if necessary. We’ll make the information you need available to you without the worry of what to do if there is some catastrophic hardware failure.
  • Lower costs – No more hefty investments in complex server hardware that is costly to purchase, maintain and secure.  Integrated Technology Group is a thought-leader in terms of providing solid cloud integration solutions for your business.