Reduce Expense. Reduce Exposure. Increase Efficiency.

If you are facing high expenses, staff exposure and increased inefficiencies due to the current COVID-19 screening process, let's schedule a DEMO of our Thermal Body Temperature solution to see if this could help give you time and money back.

Our thermal body detection solution helps provide a layer of security to identify individuals that may have a virus to prevent them from entering into your business. Ultimately protecting you, your team and the community.

This compact and efficient unit allows you to measure body temperature using a facial recognition monitor and wrist temperature measurement. If abnormal temps are detected a picture can be taken to keep track of sick individuals.
  • Two-way audio
  • Safe with no direct contact with the target.
  • Small size and very reliable
  • Accurate measurement and supports
  • Dynamic & static signal detection
  • High efficiency, scans 20-30 people per minute

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